Why Type When You Can Say-so

The App That Uses Interactive Voice Notes As Posts, So You Can Have Your Say.

Say-so Posts

Post And Listen To Entertaining Short Voice Notes Called A Say-so From Thousands Of Users, Including Celebrities.

Say-so Pic

Take a Pic And Caption It With A Say-so. The first App To Allow You To Caption A Pic With A Voice Note.

Interact With Say-so Posts

Reply To A Post With Your Own Say-so Or Say-so Text. You Can Also Bounce A Say-So Sharing The Post With Your Listeners.

Unique Features Only On Say-so

Send Private Say-so Messages Called A Silent Say-so. Enjoy The Unique Wheel Scrolling Timeline. Listen To Celebrities And Have Listeners All Around The World.

Join The Fastest Growing, Unique Social Media Network in the World. No Need To Type, When You Can Say-so.