Founded in 2016 by Jide Raphael Aje.

Whilst driving and listening to music, an idea for a Social Media Network based around short voice notes was formed.

Say-so is a Social Media App that fixed a simple problem.

‘How do you get thousands of people to Listen to your Funny, Amusing or insightful short Voice Note, with a click of a button?’

Jide then filed a patent and paired up with an Investor to develop the App.

Say-so is a new revolutionary Social Media App which allows users to record and upload voice notes from their mobile devices onto the App. These voice notes are called a ‘Say-so’ and will be listened to by your followers (Listeners). Listeners can interact with your original Say-so by recording a reply Say-so, Say-so text or bouncing (which allows the original Say-so to appear on your Listeners ‘Cave’ which is Say-so’s timeline).

Say-so will change the way we post pictures on Social Media Apps, with the invention of the Say-so Pic. This will allow you to upload a picture taken from your mobile device and add a voice note caption to the bottom, allowing your Listeners to look at the picture whilst listening to the voice note caption; unlike all modern Social Media Platforms who only use text captions. This combination of a picture and voice note caption will be known as a Say-so Pic.