Giving your social life a voice!

Your voice is as unique as your fingerprint. It helps define who you are and it powers your every emotion. Angry, happy, sad, frustrated… all of these emotions are given a unique power based on your voice.

Say-So was built to bring this power to the world of social media – letting you express yourself in a way that only you can. Now you can build a deeper engagement with your followers and add greater dimension to your posts by using your voice, a song, a sound, a rhythm… anything that activates your ears.

Say-so was founded in 2016 by Jide Raphael Aje whilst driving and listening to music. He posed himself this simple question:

‘How do you get thousands of people to listen to you with a click of a button?’

Say-so answered that question. A platform with the power and reach of any social media service but optimised for audio.

So now don’t let it just be a picture – add a voice note, record the sounds around you when you take it, and give your followers a deeper chance to experience what you have captured.